Solfeggio 528 Hz Emerald Heart Ascendance Meditation

Video-Source:Source Vibrations /youtube

This track is a theta delta brainwave
entrainment program set to the solfeggio LOVE
frequency 528Hz corresponding to emerald on
the electromagnetic spectrum. This track aids
in the activation of the higher heart of Divine
Love, creating powerful resonant field peace
and compassion.

Please use stereo headphones.


Heal yourself by using the unusual

I have a chronic pain disease. So for me it is not easy to meditate in usual ways, because the physical pain often is so “loud” and inner silence seem to be inaccessible. With the time I found different unusual ways to calm down, let my spirit fly and connect with my Self. Music is one of the most powerful tool for me.

Todays life is hectical and with that it is unhealthy and stressful. Take your time to step out of it whenever you can.

What works for me:

Slow down time
I use time-stretched (slowed down) music. I just sit there with my earphones on. I start with getting aware of my breath. Then I start the music. For me time-stretched music is music totally changed. It appears like music from another sphere. Like heavenly sound. It goes deep within, like changing your own vibration, it takes you on its wings, so you can fly.

Breathe deep, in and out, slowly. Let the sound carry you. Everything moves in slow-motion now. Your breath is getting deeper and slower. Calm.

This helps me to 1. find my inner peace , 2. taking the pain out of my awareness for some time. Maybe it works for you too. If you like to give it a try here is GO by MOBY, time-stretched (Use always earphones for a better experience):

Video-Source: Slow Motion TV / YouTube

or absolutely deep and like the sound of Angels talking to you is AVE MARIA slowed down 800%:

Video-Source: WilliamHwaJinL / YouTube

This is Hans Zimmer`s TIME (Slowed 800%):

Video-Source: Nise Widdle Bideos For Yoo. /YouTube

Even the X_Files Theme will help you to escape. X-File Theme slowed 800%:

Video-Source: DCookStaVideo / YouTube

I wish you to have lightfilled moments and find some peace. All my love to you. CMGrafik

Binaural Beats Meditation ~ Free Download

I found this wonderful free download of a binaural beat meditation and I use it to cut off
from dark thoughts and  refresh my brain. As we all are different, it may work different for everyone. If you like give it a try, but please read the informations on the original webside before you use it (see link at the end of this post):

A thirty minute deep meditation soundtrack to shift you into a higher dimension  –  using Beta-Alpha-Theta Binaural Sounds and Trance-inducing Rhythms

Picture from
Picture from

This meditation aid was designed and composed using an Beta-Alpha-Theta progressions of Binaural Beats. A “shamanic drum” beat with subtle sound textures and an OM Mantra chant / chorus were added. At two points during the exercise a high cymbal sound was introduced to induce lucidity. The main carrier throughout is the brainwave entrainment sound, which modulates through beta, alpha and theta waveforms for ten minutes each and finishes on the pure sound.

This sequence should be listened to using head phones. Find a secluded spot, get into a comfortable position and allow yourself to submerge into the sounds. When thoughts arise, simply focus your attention easily back onto the sound. Enjoy.

Caution – this meditation aid may induce a deep trance state. Please don’t play whilst driving or operating machinery.

Some important information regarding this soundtrack

This meditation aid may induce a deep trance state. It may take us to a deep place at a root energy level where we may experience a powerful connection with the core of our inner being. The OM sound is an ancient and powerful mantra which can create this connection (this can be verified by chanting it during an out-of-body experience). The subtle binaural sound will harmonise our brainwaves to aid us in this. In some cases this may lead to what some people describe as “drowsiness”, sleep, with increased dream activity. Enhanced dream activity is a sign that we are awakening to our inner life. The sound may also induce a trance state which may lead to sleep paralysis, which can be used to induce OBEs or lucid dreams. The two “Ping” sounds are there to create lucidity within this state rather than waking you up to physical awareness. You may use this by telling yourself beforehand that you wish to become lucid at this sound.

If you experience sleep paralysis and feel uncomfortable with it and don’t want to use it for OBEs, simply allow yourself to fall asleep and wake up naturally.

Read full information and download for free here: