A Warrior (of Light) knows that an angel and a devil are both competing for his sword hand



The devil says: “You will weaken. You will not know exactly when. You are afraid.”

The angel says: “You will weaken. You will not know exactly when. You are afraid.”

The Warrior is surprised. Both the angel and the devil have said the same thing.

The devil continues: “Let me help you.”

And the angel says: “I will help you.” 

At that moment the Warrior understands the difference.

The words may be the same but these two allies are completely different.

And he chooses the angel’s hand.

#Quote Paulo Coelho (author of “Warrior of the Light”)




About Love and Forgiveness

You can see this woman?
I came into your house but you provided no water to wash my  feet. But she has washed my feet with her tears and dried them with her hair.
There was no warmth in your greeting, but she, from the moment I came in, has not stopped covering my feet with kisses.
You gave me no oil for my head, but she has put perfume on my feet.
That is why I tell you, Simon, that her sins, many as they are, are forgiven; for she has shown me so much Love.
But the man who has little to be forgiven has only a little Love to give.

~ Jesus / Luke 7.44-47


You Will Not Know Me

Video-Source:satash8 / YouTube

Study me as much as you like, you will not know me, for I differ in a hundred ways from what you see me to be. Put yourself behind my eyes and see me as I see myself, for I have chosen to dwell in a place you cannot see. ~ Rumi


We seek not rest but transformation. We are dancing through each other as doorways.


We are ripples crossing and fusing,

journeying and returning

from the core of the apple,

the eye of the mandala,

the cave in the heart of the rose,

the circle without boundaries centered on silence.

~ Marge Piercy (1976)