You are the Universe


Amazing Beauty¬†“Orion Nebula”

We are in the #Universe and the Universe is in us. Your soul knows your origin.


The Heart Of Orion


The Heart Of Orion

I feel very drawn to Orion.
I was born in the sign of Sagittarius and especially around my birthday,
in clear winter- nights, Orion always catches my eyes, automatically.
Often – very often I found myself as I stared at the three stars of Orion.

The picture above fascinates and touches me,
for Orions Nebula appears like an gigantic heart in the Universe.
Because I believe that we all are forms of energy coming out of the Universe,
because I believe in this energy as the Light and Love from our higher source
(you can call it God or however you want)
– because of that, this heart appearance in Orions Nebula is like a symbol for me.
(The picture is made by the Hubble-Telescope which sends us breathtaking pictures out of the Universe.)

Below I add a video with overwhelming pictures from Orions Nebula.
I hope you enjoy it. (Video made by LeventeZone at Youtube)