Heal yourself by using the unusual

I have a chronic pain disease. So for me it is not easy to meditate in usual ways, because the physical pain often is so “loud” and inner silence seem to be inaccessible. With the time I found different unusual ways to calm down, let my spirit fly and connect with my Self. Music is one of the most powerful tool for me.

Todays life is hectical and with that it is unhealthy and stressful. Take your time to step out of it whenever you can.

What works for me:

Slow down time
I use time-stretched (slowed down) music. I just sit there with my earphones on. I start with getting aware of my breath. Then I start the music. For me time-stretched music is music totally changed. It appears like music from another sphere. Like heavenly sound. It goes deep within, like changing your own vibration, it takes you on its wings, so you can fly.

Breathe deep, in and out, slowly. Let the sound carry you. Everything moves in slow-motion now. Your breath is getting deeper and slower. Calm.

This helps me to 1. find my inner peace , 2. taking the pain out of my awareness for some time. Maybe it works for you too. If you like to give it a try here is GO by MOBY, time-stretched (Use always earphones for a better experience):

Video-Source: Slow Motion TV / YouTube

or absolutely deep and like the sound of Angels talking to you is AVE MARIA slowed down 800%:

Video-Source: WilliamHwaJinL / YouTube

This is Hans Zimmer`s TIME (Slowed 800%):

Video-Source: Nise Widdle Bideos For Yoo. /YouTube

Even the X_Files Theme will help you to escape. X-File Theme slowed 800%:

Video-Source: DCookStaVideo / YouTube

I wish you to have lightfilled moments and find some peace. All my love to you. CMGrafik

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