Gras (english version)

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I made this tutorial from my own imagination, all text and images are subject to my copyright.If you want to use it in a group or a forum as tutorial, please asked me via email (contact).If you want to re-work it just for yourself, you can do that anytime of course. Feel free to link directly to this page, but please do not link directly to the images.
Please, while re-work tutorials, respect the ownership of others if you want to use material (photos, art-pictures ect.) that are not your own, also don`t forget to name sources with your finished workes.

How to paint Gras
(digital painting with PhotoImpact)
NOTE: The screens from PhotoImpact in this tutorial are from the german version, the only version I have.

Open a new canvas , size 400 x 400 pixels.

Fill it via Edit / Fill / Gradient / with the first course option (down arrow) and two colors of your choice. Don`t use a green for the bottom color, because otherwise you can`t control the density of your grass and later, if you want to place objects between the individual grass plains , you might realize that you didn`t paint your gras tight enough .

Because I wanted to create a heaven and a ground,
I used following colors for my gradient: # 446D8C (sky) and # B4B4B4 (ground).

Now use your brush-tool and paint with the following settings and in object-mode your first layer of gras:

Chose a dark shade of green. I used #112711.
Your result should look like that:

Now leave the object mode and chose a somewhat brighter shade of green ,then paint the second layer of gras (in object-mode again). I used the color # 2D662D

Continue with the third layer of gras. Leave the object-mode, chose your color (I used #459E45 ) , activate the object-mode again and paint your gras.

Again with a even brighter green: Leave the object.mode, chose your color ( I used # C2CE99 ) , this time change the transparency to 45  in your  the Attribute toolbar, back into the object-mode and paint:

In order to emphasize the shady places in the grass, leave the object-mode and chose a darker shade of green (transparency remains at 45). I used #112711 again  . Back into object-mode and paint only where you want your gras appears somewhat darker.

Now your gras is  done, but don`t it look somewhat boring? You can add some flowers (in object-mode). Paint every flower in a new object-mode, so you can place them later in different levels between the culms (use your Selection tool / attribute toolbar / Arrange … arrows up or down… to do this).

You also can also add clouds or similar to your sky. Or you follow my following version:

Activate your spray-tool with the following settings
Shape 85 / transparency 0/0 vignette and a medium gray tone. I used  #666666 . Now paint, in object-mode, some hills above the gras. We will place it later behind it. Leave object-mode.

Remain in the spray -tool but change settings to Shape 25 / transparency 25/ vignette 0. Chose white as color, activate the object-mode and paint some snow on the top of the hills, change color to #3A3A3A and paint some details to the hills. Leave the object-mode. Activate all layers of the hills in your layer-mamanger and merge them to one single-object. Go to your blur-tool (Shape 20/ Grad 5 / Vignette 0) and blur this object carefully. Please make sure the object-mode is deactivated while you blur, because otherwise you would create unsightly white borders around this object.

Place your hills-object behind the gras layers.

At this point you can overwork your sky or follow my vision:

Activate your hills in your layer-manager and chose through the merging-tool the overlay option.

Now your hills appear in a similar blue as the sky:

To finish you work , use the spray-tool and a blue somewhat darker than your sky to workout some details in your hills. Then add some clouds ect. to your sky , merge all layers and your final picture could look like this one:

If you like you can add a nice frame.

Have fun with this tutorial 🙂

Please note: The © and the exclusive rights of the use of  both, text and graphics,
are mine, Claudia Martin. They may not be copied and
be distributed in any way. Only share the link to this side, please.

I give permissions to use my tutorials, please contact me Here

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