Michael Jackson ~ Will Live on Through His Influence on Pop Culture

Michael Jackson Will Live on Through His Influence on Pop Culture


He broke down racial barriers when MTV and others were taking heat for not playing any music videos from African American artists. He had an original sound that was a mesh of R&B and rock that listeners worldwide fell in love with. His Motown Anniversary performance was a true testament to his exquisite performing and dance abilities that are commonly imitated by artists like Usher and ‘Nsync, but are never duplicated. Nobody has been able to touch the degree of precision that Michael Jackson had.

Just the initial reaction of everyone around us was one of the greatest indications of how many people he truly touched.

“We don’t care about Rihanna or Chris Brown or beef between rappers. This is about Michael Jackson,” explained a host of the local Florida A&M station.

Michael Jackson’s music was positive, uplifting and had love infused in it. So much so that if one went anywhere in the world and mentioned his name, someone would know who he was and know one of his songs and a dance to go with it.

Wasn’t it just last year when hundreds of prisoners took YouTube by storm by doing their rendition of the “Thriller” dance? What other artist can a grandmother, mother and daughter all relate to and know distinctly from his different sounds and images over the years?

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