The love you save 1970


“The Love You Save” is a 1970 number-one hit single recorded by The Jackson 5 for the Motown label, as well as holding the number-one spot on the soul singles chart for six weeks.It held the number-one position on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart for two weeks, from June 27 to July 4, 1970 (in the UK Top 40 chart, it peaked at number 7 in August 1970). The song is the third of four Jackson 5 number ones released in a row (the others being “I Want You Back”, “ABC”, and “I’ll Be There”). “The Love You Save” also features side vocals of Jermaine Jackson singing alongside Michael in the final “Stop! The love you save may be your own” besides Marlon and Tito Jackson.”The Love You Save” has one of the most distinctive melodies and is the most musically complex of the four number-one singles by The Jackson 5.[citation needed] The song’s lyrics feature Michael and Jermaine Jackson warning a “fast” girl to slow down and “stop!” because “the love you save may be your own!”
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