ABC 1970


“ABC” is a 1970 number-one hit song by The Jackson 5. It was written with the same design as “I Want You Back”, and was first heard on American Bandstand (on the ABC network) in February 1970. “ABC” knocked The Beatles’ song “Let It Be” out of the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1970 and was also number one on the soul singles chart for four weeks.

“ABC” was the first single from the second album of The Jackson 5, ABC and is considered one of the band’s signature songs. It is one of the shortest titles to hit #1, and is the first song alphabetically in the list of #1 hits of the Billboard Hot 100.

The song was performed along with “I Want You Back” and “The Love You Save” as a medley of Jackson 5 songs during the well-known Jacksons 1979 Destiny Tour and 1981 Triumph Tour. However, the song was replaced by “I’ll Be There” for the rest of the Jackson 5 medley’s performances in the 1984 Victory Tour and Michael Jackson’s three solo tours. The song was performed once again by the Jackson brothers during the 2001 30th Anniversary Celebration special.
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