One Day In Your Life 1975


One Day in Your Life” is a song recorded by Michael Jackson for his 1975 album, Forever, Michael. Written by Sam Brown and composed by Renée Armand it was later released in 1981 as a single off the compilation album One Day in Your Life due to the strong buzz that generated from the sales of Jackson’s hit 1979 album Off the Wall, even though Jackson released that album on a different label.

While a modest U.S. hit, it was a bigger hit in the UK, where it became Jackson’s first solo recording to hit #1 on the UK Singles Chart. It was number one in the UK for 2 weeks in June 1981 and also featured strongly on the South African singles charts. It was released on the Motown label. It went on to become the 6th best-selling single of 1981 in the UK.


Lyrics: Here

Video Source: shineyteeth on Youtube